Is there a way to download EMRP's WLM 2009 on linux and Manjaro?

Hey! One day ago, I installed Manjaro on my actual PC, and the performance, was a bit better, a game runs in 100FPS without any lag [(to be seriously, the FPS was more stable than 8.1, but it does not says that the Windows 8.1 gets the same FPS) and the no password thing, but, I have been missing something: Is there a way to install WLM 2009 into a Manjaro?

Yeah… I don’t minded it when I was on the Ubuntu based OS (I quitted like 4 times to windows back)… But now, I want it because… Yeah that is pretty much that…

(I already used Wine, and, it does not make any signal to be running… So…)

switch to arch

There isn’t any way you can install WLM 2009 on Wine.

stf*, no one asked you.

And yes, here is a way to instatll, because as i belive wine is compatible with most of the windows apps :woman_facepalming:

I tried it before
No chance being able to run or install.

ok. srry

did you come from the goanimate community lol

Can you not be rude?
And he did ask.

He has awful grammar, but i knew what he meant.