Is my MSN contact list before migration lost forever?

Problem description: I have no more contacts in my contact list after migration

Error code/error message: /

What has been tried so far: /

Messenger version: WLM 2009

Windows version: Windows 10

yeah probably. also anima will probably say like

MaYbE yOuR cOnTaCtS dIdN’t MiGrAtE

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Years to build a contact list, Escargot: after all, why one should keep it?
Whereas 9 out of 10 users didn’t even know about the migration. Cool

We’ve told people for months, sent IMs every 30 seconds, sent emails. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Actually it seems I’m the only one in my contact list who did the migration.
I had more than 90 contacts

that might be spam

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Well, if we didn’t delete them, they wouldn’t be online either, considering they haven’t been for the last 6 months.