Is MSN 4.7.3001 from Microsoft?

Hi! I just asked the question:
Is MSN 4.7.3001 from Microsoft? BTW i can’t find 4.7.3001 in the MSN archive
Can I have clean install of this?

I highly wouldnt suggest using it, because like 4.7.2009 (XP SP2 messenger i believe), it uses HTTPS to log on.
MSN 4.7.3001 is the same case, so unless you can find a way to extract the files to your host computer, you’ll have to pretty much fight with XP to get it to work.
If you want 4.7.3001 really bad, it comes with certain releases of Windows XP SP3 isos.
If you really really want to get it to work, patch it manually with MSN 5-6’s patching methods and refer to this Guide if just patching it doesn’t work.

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I want 4.7.3001 because i want to TRY all of MSN Messenger version =)

Alright, good luck with it.

Any luck?

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Every version of MSN/Windows Live Messenger was made by Microsoft.