Is Messenger Plus! 5.02 a virus?

Just a question: I’m trying to install Messenger Plus! 5.02 (on windows 10) but Windows said it’s a major threat or something. I couldn’t read all of the text in the message, so I can’t fully remember what it said.
So uh, yeah, is it a virus?

(Older versions are not detected. However, 5.02 is detected.)

The optional Messenger Plus! sponsor program that can be installed during the setup has been being detected by antivirus software since its inception (and for good reason, it’s ad/spyware). It should be fine.

Personally I prefer the later 4.x versions (4.83 for instance), as that’s when Patchou was last involved with it.

hi @pa_parappa_the_artis. the Messenger Plus 5.02 is not a virus. it is not harming the virus. its just instant messaging.