Is it possible to run MSN or WLM in macOS without a virtual machine (i.e using wine)


title says all

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Yes its possible.

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It should be the same procedure as the installation on linux.


try to get the messenger for mac then patch with sublime text (i will try to patch in windows with it bc it like notepad++) the link of messenger and sublime is here and


why cnet WHY


patching messenger for mac is not possible at this point as it uses another protocol

iirc xmpp


beacuse i only found on cnet


when i get a new laptop i will try (plz dont drama)


im telling you, its not possible as it uses XMPP, not MSNP, and the mac users in messengergeek are too low in volume to possibly have someone up for testing and helping to patch, unless im wrong


Run it with wine


i tried already but you cant


then y did u install mac os in the first place



(that was a may 2017 posts :stuck_out_tongue:)

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