Is it possible to have Group Chats back?

Hello there!

Is there anyway to make a group chat like before on WLM 8 and WLM 9 to chat with multiple persons at the same time?

Me and a friend brought about 35 people back to the MSN Messenger, we are currently using the MSN 7.5 version and waiting anxiously for the WLM versions.

We play a roleplay kind of RPG and these type of groups are really useful for the games we play.

Thanks in advance!

If needed, contact me on MSN:

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yeah just make a “roleplaying” group,

to turn on group mode: on your contacts window, click the contacts tab, then sort contacts by > Groups,
to delete a group, either go back to the contacts tab, then manage then delete groups > (name) or right click a group > Delete Group
to make a group: just do how to delete, then instead of delete group, click create group.

to add people, drag them from the the (Ungrouped) section, then to the group you want them to, in this case its the “Roleplaying” group

to chat to a group, right click on the group name in the contacts list, then click “Send IM Message to this group.”

The group chat I meant is like the old Group.Sim we had back on the WLM 8.5 versions and newer.

It worked like a contact: you added the group (or vice-versa) and all the other people that had that group added could group chat at any time, without the need to add people to one conversation and etc.

Is that possible? Do we have the providers to do so?

[quote=“Reinchwalde, post:5, topic:1318”]
Is that possible? Do we have the providers to do so?
[/quote]From what’s available right now, the answer is no as Messenger clients we’re presently using never had the capability. However, in the two years of Microsoft’s Messenger server still being operational, the group chat feature broke on the server-side but I replaced it with a group chat bot that operated similarly. Unfortunately the group bot needs slightly more protocol support to work right now without some modifications, but that could be an option.

That said, technically, full group functionality in WLM versions could be done later on.

8.5 is not supported (at least of my knowing) so we will have to see when it becomes supported

@Jarhead_Gamer38 Yet. :slight_smile:

lol i know. i am just waiting for WLM 2011

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we already have group chats