Is it possible AOL Instant Messenger in escargot?

Hi, is it possible for AOL Instant Messenger to work in escargot because there are occasional phoenix issues and it will be very nice MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger to work in escargot.
In case of problems there is a very long delay and no messages are received and no messages are sent and when you log in, sometimes this does not let you in and creates problems when logging in to AOL Instant Messenger. lately there are a lot of problems.

Unfortunately, no. Theres a whole technical post explaining why it most likely isn’t possible.

To be sorry it would be very good for both programs to work in escargot. Thank you for the information.

It could work, but it may not. Don’t know when they will start working on the AIM frontend.

It’s definitely going to be considered, we just don’t know how much work it’d be to integrate it with Escargot yet.

Also if other people are going to respond, they should at least listen to people that have direct knowledge about Escargot (e.g., me).

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