Is Escargot actively developed for?

Escargot used to get consistent fixes, support for frontends, and patches for supported clients implemented by valtron and a few other developers. Recently, however, the fixes and frontend support aren’t being delivered as consistently due to those developers not focusing on those aspects as much and valtron having his own issues to deal with, and client patching for supported frontends has been halted to a standstill due to the only reverse engineer on our team, tristanleboss, disappearing from the face of the internet without notice. This only leaves one active developer, walkingphasers (me).

At Escargot’s current state, development is unpredictable and will come whenever the two developers have time to add in fixes or support for new frontends. However, since Escargot’s source code is publicly available as several GitLab repositories (main server + site & misc.), you can join as a developer, or take the much easier option of forking the repositories you want and sending a merge request to the targeted repositories. This will potentially help speed up the development process, not just with the server itself but with testing and patching clients that Escargot supports.

No matter what you specialize in, you could be very helpful in our frontend endeavors. All it takes is visiting the repositories listed above.

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Jesus Christ… anyway @OhHelloThereImTheGuy I don’t have any knowledge in the area, and if I had, I would gladly help Escargot development. I’m wanting to learn to code, and join university, but that will take a long time "/ Thanks for your hard work and patience that you need with some people here chuckle