Is Discord the new msn?

Do you think that Discord could be compared to msn? I’d like to read your opinions on the comments :slight_smile:

nah skype is the new (and shitty) msn

discord is littearly just a Epic GAmeR1!! version of IRC, however littearly less than 10% of all discords are about games, the rest, is, uh, the rest, like subreddit discords, shitty free nitro scams that pedrox is in, dead servers, toxic servers, raid servers (totally not related to raid shadow legends) and other shit.


(also discord is overrated in my opinon)


not really, imo both are too different to be compared

mind if i ask Why?

skype isn’t total trash, it’s literally is and has been the same thing as it was since it’s inception

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other than the UI, but, the UI is not a excuse.

skype is slow sometimes. skype 8’s launch was just pure rotten shit

The interface can be quite slow (bc it’s a web app). I do find the interface quite confusing for newcomers(they doneed to separate more the friends list from the servers) it chokes very frequently (the servers go down quite frequently and the messages don’t send or send in disorder) Sometimes your friends don’t hear your voice suddenly where you are in vocal and yeah. (I think they really need to add a true server browser I also have to do a uservoice for that :shrug:

discord is irc but simplified down to the point where a total idiot can understand it


i dont wanna cause a drama but i already found a legit one tht i got nitro, but it was before i met you guys, and its now closed due to the owner being banned

however, all other ones i found is scams, in that part ur right

I’ve never seen you using Nitro.

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Discord is on a different realm than MSN Messenger, MSN was more of a chat platform and Discord’s a more community based application

Discord itself is really good but the people on it are just dreadful


i think discord is the new messenger because: menu, mention = nudge

Well, in my opinion Discord is incomparable with MSN/Windows Live Messenger. They follow a different way than same goal. Discord is based on IRC-chat, or it is a separated, modern IRC client with builtin many functions like voice call, filedrop and etc. Discord also uses channels, rooms, contact list, channel title and etc., like on IRC. Every channel starts with #.

Probably we can compare MSN to Skype. Skype became a better version of MSN or not? Good question :slight_smile:

No… It does not have custom backgrounds, nudges, native app, etc.

obviously not lol (answering to this)

Actually you could easily say Discord is a fusion of both IRC and essentially skype.
Ohn the one hand the rooms and servers very much act like an easy version of IRC, yet when video chatting someone in your friends list, it’s definitely skype.
Popularity though? definitely MSN, the ‘in thing’ is for Discord, much like MSN was back in the day. it’s gamer related and the younger ones can have the supwer secwet hideout clan chat base for the win. (essentially for us oldies its ‘wanna be in my gang’ syndrome).
MSN has alot of real charm because, it’s interface is colourful, had funny features and for the most part ‘stable’. Well for me it was anyway.
Skype and Google hangouts runs very poor, my lifecam cinema HD camera only runs in 15FPS on hangouts and on Skype constantly flips between 15FPS and 30FPS (Ironic Microsoft’s own camera isn’t compatible). Discord seems happy with it at 30FPS.
Discord account hacking is rife though, and anyone using it should enable 2FA.

However if you just want a friendly basic chat program then MSN is definitely it.


ikr but the mention is annoying as a nudge