Is anyone thinking that the old windows internet games ( is going to come back?

Is anyone trying to bring it back? Is it possible to do it? And who’ll bring it back? Because this is a masterpiece and maybe someone could possibly bring it back

What do you mean “Yeah nah,”

for what you need this

Well to play games back from it and it’s nostalgia like what MSN messenger was

we don’t talk about that zone…
jokes aside, really hope someone reverse engeneers the zone [dot] com internet games. i miss internet backgammon…

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I know right? Itks really fun since we have Riiconnect24, Wiimmfi, Escargot and more services that brought the old stuff back, now why won’t this coming back as any services that they called “Revivals” and this will be fun if they did!

nope cause theres no point.

Yep there is, it’s just because that you hate it and you lost in the game many time, even if you didn’t play it before that means you hate it.

lol yeah whatever