Is algodoo compatible with my pc?(solved)

Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601)
intel celeron
Are they compatible??

i’ve tested algodoo on my windows xp vm and surprisingly it worked so that means yes you can :wink:

i have 2gb of ram, 2.13ghz, ¿that’s a problem?

ahaha algodoo is so simple

so no problems

ok… is it insecure? what disk space takes?

its a 2d game so it should run fast or a few lags every now and then

it runs in 32 bit?


what algodoo requires?

It should work. Just download it and see how it performs.

try to use my stats on a vm to see if it works: download link

cant you just try it?

what disk space takes?

Maybe 150MB or less

ib have the total oof 80 gigs on my pc

then it will work.

y’now that supid uac? i can install it but the windows security window is just annoying, how do i install it? :thinking:

click yes. either that or look it up.

i run it as administrator?