ok, enough with Leo parodies, they’re starting to be even more annoying than Leo himself


its not a leo parody lol


LOL srry m8, it seemed like one


anyways, welcome to MICHEALSOFT! whats your name? (make a nickname that isnt your name)


everyone now to WORK


WANT MONY? then go to work looololzo


am sorry sir
am working do not hurt
am working on he server

(meta: Apparently a lot of people who already speak other languages think that an object in English is always either feminine or masculine. This isn’t true, we use the word “it”, not “he” or “she”, to refer to a regular object. So instead of saying “I will download he” say “I will download it”. You aren’t downloading a person, that’s quite weird, you’re downloading a thing. And people learning English probably can’t read this very well… sorry about that. Also I’m bad at explaining things like this in case you haven’t noticed.)


ok good employe


Well, my native language is Spanish, and that is one of the first things that i learned about English :thumbsup: but is good for the people who don’t know this fact :smiley: you explained it good!


base code here

OBS: nah


SERVERINFO71.txt (2.3 TB)


megadeth is with leo’s disease ( google translate poblems )


lol no