Introducing: the MG wiki

explore the messengergeek wiki, your gateway to the rich history of instant messaging and the passionate community dedicated to its revival. this wiki is a collaborative effort to document the journey of messengergeek, its users, and the revival of classic messaging platforms. dive into a treasure trove of articles, user profiles, and historical insights, all created by fellow members of the messengergeek community.

discover the stories behind the revival of iconic messaging applications like windows live messenger, yahoo messenger, and aim. learn about the pioneers, enthusiasts, and experts who have contributed to preserving the digital history of instant messaging.

whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned messengergeek, this wiki welcomes your contributions. share your knowledge, experiences, and insights to help us paint a vivid picture of the past and the present.

join us in celebrating the legacy of instant messaging and the remarkable journey of the messengergeek community. explore, contribute, and relive the nostalgia of a digital era gone by.

willing what your waiting for, click here, dude!

@kikoabdou - owner
@therealranvir - administrator
@KnetaMight - administrator
chatGPT - writing the descreption (im a bit stupid at writing informations, bruh)



just, we dont need war

but trekie allowed us to make it soooooo

I think with template it would be better


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idc about mediawiki, though idk how to code and host anything seriously

lets not start another war


should i send the screenshot

yeah, i guess so (make sure he wont be mad)

ok then no


Bc I don’t want Trekkie thinking this is another war thread

Aaaaaanecrobump for the wiki aaaa

if you have a domain, dm me so i can host it
i have a proper server


right, fuck fandom

whats wrong with fandom?

ads, bullshit, + mediawiki is better

that is true the solution to ads IS TO GET ADBLOCKER