Internet Explorer 6

This may be a bit off topic, but would anyone know how to “revive” Internet Explorer 6? What aspects of the program (e.g. dynamic link libraries, configuration files, the actual application itself, etc.) would need to be modified to allow it to work with modern sites? If that’s not possible, would I be able to have it load websites somehow through another browser like Pale Moon but have it load into an Internet Explorer 6 Window? (Think the old Google Chrome Frame for IE8) I like the nostalgic, classic aesthetic of the browser and would love to get it working.

it would actually require tampering with the source code and recompiling it, since the rendering engine is in the exe itself iirc

Okay, what kind of program should I use to edit and how should I go about it? What should I look for?

The Internet Explorer series is too overrated (for me)

it is, ie 6 was infamous for being the rabbit turd ball in the shit sundae for ie, it was bad even for 2001 standards apparently

…Overrated? Sir, really? They are hated worldwide and made fun of 24/7, How is this overrated?

Because of the percentage of people that unironically use it?

These are mostly just old computers or (old) people not knowing the existence of Firefox/Chrome.

Or people using it to download Firefox/Chrome

ie 6 cant load either download page, so