Internet archive (Wayback Machine)


Well now that flash player is dead it seems that a good portion of the internet archive is now broken and unstable. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this problem so we can continue to see these websites many years later?

SUPERNOVA swf viewer on chrome.

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Doesn’t work.

Probably because you need to download it on the chrome store. If nothing happens then…use Flashpoint

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I’m not trying to play old games i am trying to look at archives of old websites and they need flash to run.

Exactly, I tried the SUPERNOVA but it didn’t work for me, the only way to make it work is using the Opera browser a few weeks ago but they updated the browser and it is impossible to make it work.

The only way is to download the SWF and use the FlashPlayer.exe locally in windows

When a webpage gets archived, some elements (like flash) get broken, it’s best to trackdown what was meant to be present at the time on flashpoint then add that swf in its place

The Pale Moon web browser still supports flash. In fact, Flashpoint has a version of Pale Moon built into it!

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Thanks i will look into this.