Intel UHD Graphics 600 driver for Windows 8.1 x64?

Hey all, I installed 8.1 on a laptop that although it’s meant to run 10, it sucks at doing so.
(8.1 is definitely much faster)
I am having trouble installing the Intel UHD Graphics 600 driver. I have tried modded ones, and even modifying the Windows 10 driver myself, but they all spit back this same exact error. May i have some help?

If there is absolutely NOTHING that can be done, i will begrudgingly go back to Windows 10…

Maybe this one will work? Controlador de gráficos HD Intel® para Windows* 8/8.1 (64 bits)

It unfortunately does not work, and spat back the same error when i attempted to install it manually. Thanks for the suggestion though. I think I might just head back to Windows 10 at this point.


intel UHD moment

yep, and I hate it lmao, what’s worse is that it can’t be upgraded

how about im raping intel and its headquarters instead?