Instant Message Doesn't Deliver [Private MSN Server]


This is my first time trying to config private WLM server, so I maybe miss something that lead to my problem. I’ve configured my private server for MSN by using Escargot Server source code (Escargot / Escargot Server · GitLab).

After finishing setting everything and config SSL Certificate to my server, I’ve found that Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (with manual patched by Escargot Switcher) can connect to the server normally.
But there’s a problem when I tried to send Instant Message between 2 MSN Account, it seemed like the message was sent from one client, but that message was not delivered to another client.

By the way, Offline Message is working, the Offline Message can deliver to another client when they online to MSN. (I’m not sure that this is related to my problem or not, but as I see on CMD request logging, when sending Offline Message, there was an XML contain the message. But when sending Instant Message, there was no any XML.)

Are there anyone ever facing this same problem or do know where the problem come from? I need some advices on fixing this problem.


P.S. I’ve tried to config my own server instead of using the Escargot one because I need to use to server as a little special project with my group of friend, so I need to config something different from already patched Escargot version of MSN.