Installation Error [PT-BR]


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I can’t install my MSN. It first started saying I could not open the shortcut, it was uninstalled. I then went to see if I could install from the setup and it says I already have it installed.
When I use the Reviver it shows me a pop-up saying “Messenger was not installed either due to connectivity problem, a problem in your installation or you manually cancelled the setup program. Would you like to open the folder containing the error logs now?”
Also, the reviver only show me to download the 2012 version of MSN.


download the windows essentials 2012 from here

then when installed close it and open the reviver and click ‘‘start’’


I’ve installed this and it and all.
But no icon shows up and the program doesn’t show in my PC.
The Reviver doesn’t work either. The same msg shows.



try open the reviver go on advanced and click do a repair messenger install

if does not work either upload here the error logs file


It says that there windows live isn’t installed (so I can’t repair it). : /


Although the logs would provide most of the answers, based on what’s been said so far, I would expect that Messenger and/or the rest of the Essentials has been manually deleted from the Program Files without uninstalling normally or some other major change (drive letter changes for example).

The problem with this is now Windows thinks that the software is still installed, and most likely compounded if any remnants of the installer do still exist, as the installer will attempt to download new copies of the install files from the Microsoft servers, which are no longer available.

I have an experimental tool you can use to fix this situation, which I have sent you a personal message.


You are the best ever!

This is the file that shows with error logs:


Is there any chance I could also be sent that tool? A friend is having the exact same issue. Thank you.


Sure @Fantasia_Beck, I need to know more details though as it’s not a general purpose tool which is why it’s not just available. The most important question is what version of Windows are they using.