Installation error 2203

Hello everyone!

Need help. Whenever I try to install MSN this error appears:


saw all the topics, even outside of MessengerGeek.

I tried several things, including changing the properties of the Temp folder and was unsuccessful.

I think the problem is in the windows installer, because I was unable to install any version of Messenger in (.msi)

Windows 7 Ultimate

The 2203 error code literally means “Cannot open database file”. One of the reasons is the temp folder security permissions being messed up, so it can’t write and open it, but that would not be the only reason.

As some sort of starting point, is it only Messenger MSIs, or all MSIs? If you need a random thing to test this, here’s an open source acoustic analyzer I was using the other day.

If that fails too with the same error, and existing possibilities aren’t working, then it’s a Windows problem and you’ll need someone to be on your machine to debug it for you. Alternatively, if you want something to try yourself, you might consider a repair install, which amounts to mounting/using a Windows 7 install ISO/disc, running the Windows setup from within Windows and telling it to “Upgrade”. The “upgrade” effectively replaces and fixes the system components while retaining your applications and files. You might have to setup your nice colour scheme afterwards though.

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okay,I think I will have to try the repair install


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