Improving Escargot's messenger server source code

Hello MessengerGeek comunity,

I’m an IT and I like the “Escargot MSN Server project” and I’ve decided to try to modify and improve the WLM 2009 server source code, I will improve and modify the python files, as many people know, python is an IT language that it is like C or C++.

If someone wants to help me to improve and modify the server source code, just, reply this post
I’m from spain and I talk spanish, but I have a very high english level, or also, if someone wants to talk me in spanish, you can too


Wait do you mean you have source code to WLM 2011 or you want to add WLM 2011 support to the server?

You mean, u decompiled the wlm 2011?

This looks to be shady.

No I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the server code still.

Sorry did I say WLM 2011? I will edit the my post, I have the WLM 2009 server source code and I saw 2 fails into the server source code, in this fails or mistakes, there are 1 script that for some reason it doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

OhHelloThereImTheGuy i’m talking about server code, thanks for replying my post😀

Lol I’m pleased. Some of the users on here get really jumpy and assume a lot about stuff, which is why I’m even on here anyway (mostly to clarify answers on Messenger problems).

I have modified my post for other users who are going to see this😁 don’t worry my friend

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icty has a tapeworm in his ass 24/7 lol don’t mind him

typical salt from collabvm

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Ah, so it’s not shady… I’m interesting in Escargot having another developer, as WLM '09 is planned to launch in August, that’s what they said in May or June.

Yes it’s not shady, but can someone here who can tell me how to be an escargot dev??? I really want to help the escargot server…

You should’ve made yourself already familiar to the Escargot repository, there’s a contribution guide on there, as well as how to setup your local testing instance of the server.

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I already have done this, but I will be into my laptop modifing the server source code for improving the WLM 2009 project

what about WLM 16.X (2012) ???

Me and escargot is working on this WLM version…

you and escargot?escargot is not a person :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean?

I am very confused.