Important warning for who plays cp revivals

If you play Club Penguin Revivals (more specifically CPO or Club Penguin Online) please read this about the owner

"Club Penguin had shut down March 29, 2017, however, a new CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) called Club Penguin Online has been drastically gaining more users. This server is run by a disranged owner who has been a threat to the Club Penguin Community for years. This owner is most commonly known as “Riley or Anthony” and has been displaying predatory behavior towards minors as he requires them to take sexually explicit photos in order to become a Moderator or Admin, as well as threaten those who speak out against him with hacking and other malicious activities. This owner previously ran another CPPS called “Virtual Penguin” and this was just the beginning, continuously users were finding out that a new moderator was made just because they sent him explicit photos whether they were underage or not. Moderators of Virtual Penguin were then threatened with leaks of their personal information such as leaking (Addresses, IPs, etc) if anyone was to speak out against him, which is occurring again, on Club Penguin Online.

Not to mention also, Club Penguin Online recently suffered a Data Breach meaning the information of millions of users was exposed, including passwords, IP information, and email addresses. The majority of users on Club Penguin Online are unaware of what is happening as the owner is taking control over the game and threatening players as well as staff with blackmail of their explicit photos if they were to speak out against him. We shouldn’t be letting a man over the internet be threatening minors and people for wanting to relive their childhood. With children now being more at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine, we should not be allowing a sexual predator, hacker, and control freak to be in contact with any child no matter how old they are for a moderator position on a game. The more we let Riley/Anthony AKA. Adeyori Adebowale take control of the over 6 million users on Club Penguin Online the more we, the Club Penguin Community are failing to protect the safety and wellbeing of all of our users no matter what age they are and who they are. No person should be threatened at all for any reason over a game for someone’s pleasure and gain. With the help of Disney since they still have rights to the original Club Penguin, we can once and for all put an end to Club Penguin Online and give victims and players the justice they deserve.

Below you’ll find testimony from Ex-CPO Moderators and Staff as well as evidence displaying the owner’s heinous actions. (Warning: Some of the evidence shown of the owner’s behavior may be upsetting to viewers)

“The Sick Truth of Club Penguin Online Pt. 1”

“The Sick Truth of Club Penguin Online Pt. 2”

“The Sick Truth of Club Penguin Online Pt. 3”

“Exposing Club Penguin Online Propaganda”

Anonymous user tells about the Data Breach of CPO "


i think i heard about cp online but i prefer/recommend cp revived since its safe (note : dont worry if ihavebeenpwned says that cp revived is not safe)

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cp rewritten is the cp revival i recommend, also that sick fuck shouldnt be allowed to live

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here are some proofs about the conversation (Source: Goularte’s video, which was where i saw this sh*t)

Anthony: This is cupcake?
Anthony: Z (some mod of CPO) Say to her to send me nudes
Anthony: Then IL give her mod
Z: But she’s 14 years old
Anthony: Who cares?

Him: hey i’m here to apply for mod
Anthony: Can you send me photos?
Him: what photos?
Anthony: Nudes
Him: i’m 16 year old
Anthony: send me and IL give u mod

Should i create a CPPS? (club penguin server?)

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes also a message, Face It Riley, If your CPPS Is Like The Mafia We’re All Saying Fuck You And BYE LIR (to read l i a r) HI INSANIC!

I don’t care about CP or even CPPS’s

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same bruh

Well that’s a tie

Welp i’m just gonna ask some IRL friends i have that like CP

If you don’t care about it then why make that post in the first place?


How is that fucking degenerate not reported to authorities yet?


I made an account on club penguin rewritten, my email for the account was “pwned” but since that is a old email address, I am unaffected by this. My IP was changed and my passwords were changed.
CPOnline was also a revival just actually made an account for the other day but I just wanted to see if it was like the real thing, it was not.

Upd: Riley has been arrested and now theres a new CPO owner, tho im bot sure if hes just a other pedo or if hes a normal person

This is French même but still

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What does this have to do with the topic?