I'm working on patching google talk

i saw that talkonaut could somehow connect to google talk so now i’m trying to patch google talk to connect to the same servers that talkonaut connects to (not that i know what server talkonaut connects to) which is why i need your help to tell me if this is even possible/any useful information. you can message me on msn messenger at jarekrosol7316@gmail.com or post your information in the reply field. if it isn’t possible i’ll try to replace all the talkonaut elements with google talk elements to make it look like google talk


I found some intersting site

And this is maybe the GTalk server

Found out they didn’t hide some of their archives

ok talkonaut server domain is talkonaut.com

i have bad news and good news. first the bad news is i have given up on patching google talk :frowning:. but the good news is that i have made a talkonaut .exe with the google talk logos and icons that you can download here: Dropbox - File Deleted. (yes i know the icon is wrong) if anyone can send me a better google talk logo to replace the bad one used in place of the talkonaut logo i’d be grateful.

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File Deleted
Please restore