I'm taking a break

Hey guys,
As of this post, I will be taking a break from Escargot, MessengerGeek and Spaces.
I need time to think about my own future in life as I have recently graduated, do I find more permanent work? do I go to further education?

This is also for if I want to think about Escargot Spaces, like removing the Escargot image of it. From what I have seen from the sneak peeks that were released, you guys want something that looks more like Windows Live, which creatively, limits me in what I want to include, like mobile optimization, which I can not see happening if we use a 100% Windows Live look.

I feel bad that I have ultimately failed at my original plans to relaunch Spaces. All bugs I am aware of. Translators who put their hand up on helping, I will let you know about your next change after this break I’m taking.

Bottom line, I just need to think about life. I am sorry for any inconvenience.


Thank you for all your hard work Michael, I know we have all appreciated it! :slight_smile:

I find the beginning of the year is the great time to reflect about such matters and decide on new goals moving forward. I would recommend that you focus on what you wish to do in life next and go for it relatively quickly as it gets harder the more you wait. You can always continue on with Spaces or whatever else later on.

Not so important right now, but with regards to the aesthetics, I feel that although you can take cues from the Live styling, it’s not necessarily something that needs to be 100% copied. The original Live Spaces certainly has its own style, and as this is a next-gen version of that, I think it can be its own thing.

Take care and hopefully we’ll see you again soon :slight_smile:


Why wont you give him the “Wizard” badge? he created spaces dude, over 100 sites are created there, not only allows you to have a site without paying for hosting, and he even adds stuff for you.

[quote=“Megadeth58, post:3, topic:2844”]
give him the “Wizard” badge
[/quote]Your nomination has been noted.

what that means?

so yeah, i’m back. :smiley: thanks everyone for your support.


what is the wizard badge

The Wizard badge is a badge that is for users that do something “Magical” in the community, @valtron has one for creating Escargot, and @Patchou had one too :smiley:

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Ok I see