I'm starting my own cryptocurrency! (April Fools 2018)


The name of it will be “Applecoin”. If you want to get started on mining, click here for the details and the program!




I’m making $9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 moolahs just after registrering my account.

Thanaks for this blessing!! :smile:


you’re welcome! Also, Please Remember to Install the L-miner program For Optimal mining Of the applecoin! pLeaSe.


n0ted :wink:


Mr. W, your product is truly amazing. I use your cryptocurrency to go on a shopping spree while I spend quality time with my showerhead. It’s an amazing sensation!


Yes yes you’re crypto L-miner works like charm! I"m gettIng neat resutls.



Rate of applecoin:


l o l


I am loving the progression of this business. Will there be a new update out soon? Ooh! Could I work for you, Mr. W?!

  1. Yea
  2. Nay


oh Noes!!!

After a few second of use L-Mineer, my money rate drop all of an sudden,and I am now broke of monye. HELP PLZZZZZZZZZ!!!


Okay, sir! I have been working tirelessly on a major update of our engine, design, and literally everything else! I will release it to you as soon as I finish!


The Guy! Oh noes! Click on Invest and your money rate skyrocket instantly!


Oh nein

New rates: image

Will fix ASAP!


I will help you, Master! We will get through this togetherr!1!!





I clicked “Incest” an and now my money go to deeper levell. :anguished:



It will go up Soon:tm:


Mr. W! Mr. W! The system is broken! But don’t worry! I’m throwing HTML5 to fix at it qwuick yes!