Im sorry for leaving you @windowsxpcat2008

im sorry for leaving you @windowsxpcat2008
please reply , sorry

what happened lol

i had enough of life, and was depressed and i needed a lot of time off, so i just didn’t respond, but then , when i realized it was stupid it was so far from when it happened, i forgot and i feel so sorry and guilty, idk if he is still active, so i saw a email from escargot for a summary and realized that i forgot about it , so i made this post, im very sorry @WindowsXPCat2008

I’m pretty sure he’d forgive you, it wasn’t your fault. Depression takes time to resolve, and i’m pretty sure he’d be happy to have you back.

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Well are you active again now? :cat2:

ya how can i contact u, i tryed skype but it didint work