Im sorry everyone


edit: the reason i say “i am probably a big reason why mg and nina separated” is bcoz i was one of the annoying underage kids that trekie wouldnt do anything about in 2018-2021 (pedrox)

a few i can remember:

  1. leo (2017, annoying everyone for wlm 2009)
  2. alejandro (2018, posting malware)
  3. androso (2018, trolling)
  4. pedrox (me) (2018, annoying everyone coz of messenger reviver, cms, and much much more)
  5. maxime (2019, posting malware, being a jerk & moRe)
  6. mine_master (2019, trolling, being a jerk and more i cant remember, he is from 4chan so you figure that out yourself)

i honestly dont remember more than this, since i became less active in mid-late 2020, and left altogether in early 2021, and now returned in late 2022

I think another guy was banned too if I remember

if I recall it was @WindowsXD

bro forgot their rules

i still don’t think that this is very serious, at least you can hide your own age by just not saying it or lying

to be honest, this whole “immature underage user” problem, isn’t about their age, it’s about their maturity
i have plenty of really young friends (8-11) that are really smart and good, sleepycat at 8 years old is more mature than me at my early 12’s (100% honest)

plus sleepycat (who is now going under a different alias, which im not revealing) actually manages to survive on discord servers and shit bcoz hes mature, thus no one questions his age

edit: if you’re curious, no, he does not use Escargot nor MG

i heared that its possible to get in messengergeek while im underage


tis is b******t. let me tell you. it’s a kid, ok? it might be smarter than you. This is a site for asking about things like wlm and other, what’s the problem if somebody is 12 yrs old? These terms of rules are wrong. :rage:

well there is coppa so its required by state law

also if the coppa law is not followed then it could get shut down @WinMetro10

you were NOT born in 2010

yes I was

@raymaninc is right tbh

nuh uh + emojis + why you censoring the word bullshit + tryna explain to a grown adult some shit they can’t controll + ratio

oh, sorry

dude I just subscribed to this forum I don’t know the terms and if bad words are allowed or not. I don’t know nothing about this forum and I went here like 2 or 3 times to read shits about Windows Live Messenger 2009 and it’s themes. The explainig that you’re talking about was just my opinion. Also, what’s the problem with emojis?

bad words are allowed, i can prove it

but since you’re like 9 i cant say them

I’m legally 13 yrs old. It’s hard to believe but that is true.

ok then here is FUCK