I'm preparing a very big update of MCSN

  1. Soon you will be able to create full-fledged passport accounts and also edit them
  2. Much more content on the homepage
  3. More languages (translators will be needed soon)
  4. I will completely get rid of the web archive recourses and maybe registered a .com domain.
  5. Perhaps you can view the news without going to msn.com
  6. Optimizet design and workink “Back to top” and “Make this my homepage” buttons
    and more…
    These are my plans. I hope they will come true
    @veselcraft МНЕ НУЖНА ТВОЯ ПОМОЩЬ!!!

THIS is how you do a recreation!

I can help you translate to lithuanian

hmmm probably

I can help you translate to Brazilian Portuguese.

Mcsn international

i meant that as in:

no1: all the previous attempt that are either unedited reposts with web archive links abound or
no2: just simple edits but its still the same as no1
but you came here and delivered greatness AND you even have a working login and register page, which shows that with if a little bit more effort was put into it, we could have
sorry for the monologue like reply, just wanted to get it out the way.
sorry if i missed a part or 2.

WOW. I can’t wait!!

И ПИШИ В telegram…

I can translate to Polish if you want… I’m Pole so.

What will you be able to do with a passport account?

when will it come out

Some link like MSN Messenger and weather are broken , there’s a typo in https (htpps)