I'm out of the loop: how do you revive Yahoo Messenger 5?

I kinda want to use this since my version of WLM, 8.5, isn’t working.

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Don’t worry. After I finish up Escargot’s YMSG frontend (I’m a dev, if you’re not aware), since it currently supports YMSG9/10 (implemented on Y! Messenger client versions 5.0-5.5), you can DEFINITELY bet yourself Yahoo! Messenger 5. :wink:

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cool and good

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It’s currently cross plataform?

Even though Yahoo! has Mac and Linux versions of itself, I can’t find any installers for those, so its Windows only at the moment.

And MSN - Yahoo! ?

That was server-side interop we have to recreate. :stuck_out_tongue:

this thread has been dead for 5 months
what the frick!


But maybe it isn’t the protocol that’s isn active at the moment.

ew softonic use oldapps

The download server for that has been dead for a good while lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


huh what


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The first documented version for Mac, is from 2003. 5.5 (win) is from 2002.

Edit: But 6.0 Windows is 2004 :thinking:

Try this random direct download link: http://download.oldapps.com/ICQ/icq8_setup_8.0.5880.0.exe :stuck_out_tongue:

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