I'm new on escargot. Add meh! (WLM 2009)

I’m new on escargot. My name is Keith and I’m looking for friends to talk to!

My email is: keithsanders789@escargot.chat

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I’ll add you soon.

added you TCG683@escargot.chat

I added you :slight_smile:

Send me a dm I didn’t get it


Just added you
add me oboughaba9@escargot.chat

Please add me!

Added you, laylaprismriver@escargot.chat

i add you

add me pls im looking for friends and you please add me mohammad2212@escargot.chat

Add me linpad096@escargot.chat
:smiley: like speak always

Just added! bitteguy@escargot.chat

iadd you hope@escagot.chat