I'm making an Minecraft server!

So rn im building the map to put it in the server but yeah im doing it

heres some info:

IP: InSanicTH.aternos.me
Version: 1.12.2

yeah il fire it up when i finish building the shit for the server :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, but sorry, use other thing but no aternos, also what is happening you look weird these days

wow good

maybe he cant port forward, or doesnt have sutible hardware for the server?

That + My family wont let me let the pc on 24/7

oh, darn you’re right


Surely if you have enough money for the Big Unboxing, you have enough for Shockbyte?


i can afford this but i have no credit card…i suck

I just want to run a Minecraft server on the cheap, but I also want to own one instead of paying every month.

then host it yourself if you can port forward, its the easiest and cheapest solution, the total comes down to $0.00

Well I don’t have a computer to host it on.

use aternos if you really need to, and dont give me ATERNOZ BED!!! since im trying to give you suggestions on how to host your server

How do I import an entire Minecraft server into it? Also don’t make me start talking about the queue.

you can upload the files from it

it isn’t even that long of a wait most of the time. just have some paitence for gods sake

Well you can’t upload an entire server with the config or any custom plugins that are not on dev.bukkit.org or spigotmc.org that also had to be approved too.

Nope, it is that long, Do you want me to wait an entire hour just to start an server up?

i only had to wait usually 5 minutes or less, and the 2nd half which isnt the queue is the same as starting up a server you’re hosting yourself

Well it depends on what continent you live in or in what time zone you are in, It is longer in Europe.

nope, You start your server when you want to, not when some stupid server is available to host a server.

i meant when the server was starting up

You can’t even configure the command line arguments and you are not starting the server up, but a cron script is starting it up.

ehh, it will take a while i guess