Im making a google site for video games and unblocking stuff any ideas

so what do you guys think i should add leave your suggestions below!

there is skribbl io, someone made a extension where it bypasses skribbl io blocked in school

what is it called @kikoabdou

I have an entire list of some unlocked games (I will add them once I get a new game):

(Quake is a small sandbox type game where you can just destroy stuff) QAKE DEMO

(Domino is just a simple 3D domino game! )Domino by Roilipman

(Chess is just Chess. Easy, right?) Chess Use your own E-Mail or request your teacher for access. Normally it is accepted, but you might lose your progress once the e-mail is deleted

(a simple HTML space shooting game!) CSS Space Shooter

(a WebGL futuristic space shooting game) CUB by dean alex

(an interesting graffiti game, where you can explore or do art!) Graffiti Game

(a simple dino hunt game!) Dino Hunt 2

(a simple WebGL water simulation)WebGL Water

(a mario game) (nintendo 64)Super Mario 64 HTML (Sound only working on Google Chrome)

(subway surfers but for web and outdated?) Subway Surfers

(you’re a cell and you have to eat the other cells by splitting yourselves, it’s like mitosis!) {If you are easily irritated, I don’t recommend playing this game!}

(Sonic emulation) Sonic Emulator {Illegal manner; may get blocked}

(A Brazilian game in which consists in guessing the drawing of the other) [Similar to Skribbl] Gartic

(Tetris, but it is for web browser) Tetris Game

(Not that Nokia Snake Game)

(if you are a Windows enthusiast, you can probably try this website) Windows 96 {BUT you are likely to get on a misunderstoood trouble}

(Try your best to discover which country the image is from) worLdle

(cool game about making the Chat AI say the word mentioned, with a set of rules and prohibited words) Taboo AI {be Civil with the texts, or you will get in trouble for cheating}

(Lots of Mario Games): {yet another illegal website}

(This is just Minesweeper): Minesweeper.Online {If the Chromebook doesn’t have one already, or if you’re used to the Windows 3.1/XP version more}

(Wip&Out Playstation Game but on HTML): wipEout HTML {might be illegal?}

(Broken Phone game, but it’s not like GarticPhone and is about stories): Broken Picture Phone {be civil too}

do they work on google sites

Wait, you mean a game to create or to make a list on your Google Sites?

to embend on a page @nicolas_sousa


if some people like vms but on chromebooks you can add (online vm)

thanks ill try adding it

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this is still open btw bumping this post too lol!