I'm making a "clone" of Skype Classic! Plz suggest features

so im making a Skype Classic clone in .NetFX 3.5 (Windows XP support), where i’ll try to make the user interface as similar as possible. but i dont think ill be able to completely implement features such as calling.
does anyone have any suggestions as to what features i should add? (plz keep it simple its for a school project :slight_smile:)

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Idk if this is possible but try adding ways to like edit ur own profile like adding profile pictures customizing bio and try adding that Skype feed thingy? I can send some screenshots of how it looked like and it seems like ur recreating the Skype web wrapped version from 2015 i think?

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nah im basing it off of Skype, rebuilt from scratch

Oh okay so like what kind of version like Skype 7?

yes its skype 7 and sure id love some screenshots

Here is some i found

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thanks! ive never experienced skype classic before, this rlly helps :smile:

Ur welcome :slight_smile:

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Can you make it look like Skype 5.0 ?
like this :

woah thatd be kinda hard, especially since theres like rounded corners
i dont rlly hv much HTML experience, and im making this application using WinForms/Windows EXE. ill see what i can do.

i would recommend adding status updates and Skype Home and try to add most of the OG emoticons

I can understand that, don’t worry, I just hoped that it would have a more… Retro style. Anyway, good luck !

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I think Skype 7.15 is better

yeaa i think ill be doing skype 7. ill be uploading the code to my github too (hopefully by tonight [gmt+8])!
but thanks for the support evry1!! :partying_face:

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ok so a quick update, the (current) source code has been published on the github
i wont be able to work on it till the weekend tho (not rlly :partying_face: maths exam)

ok quick one bef i sleep
the latest exe build can be downloaded here

and if yall dont mind could yall pleaaaaasee subscribe?

well hope fully this one becmons big as all the other ones including pinto died

No please make it look like mid 2000s that was peak skype

dont think il do mid 2ks but ig its too soon to say
for now incase yall havent alr plz join the Classic Skype Community on Discord (not mine), many qns asked ther n replied

but quick qn, do yall prefer more Business/SfB oriented or Consumer? the only notable diff is tht for Business the admin(s) get to use a central UI server to manage users. atm im working on smt in the middle

alr so i wanna address the “concerns” ovr which skype ver
imma just say, ive not fully decided, and ill be working on the server/backend for the next month or so