Im inactive, here's why

Hey guys, as you maybe know im inactive, i haven’t posted here since june 10, its just because, MessengerGeek is not the same as 2018/2019 to my eyes, im starting to get bored of it, im even thinking of quitting this forum for GOOD, im here for 2 years now, im here since im 11 yrs old, and welp, im glad to have known this forum, i made friends, (some) people were nice to me, and well, i really liked this forum, but now to my eyes, its not the same as it was 1/2 years ago, if i totally leave this forum, i will make a last thing for it, anyways, take care, Alessio.

Oh also if you want to talk to me on discord, i lost my loky account, here is my new one : koioDesigns.#9547

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mh are you new to this forum or idk cause i don’t recognize you

lmao why are you being rude when i literally did nothing

Don’t worry.

I’m sorry you feeling bad, I hope so you’ll coming back. We are on that way with moderator mates, get MG better increasingly.

You can stay here, if you have any problems, just mail us and we can talk.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I thinked about it, i might quit, here im known as the kid who make projects that never come out, and well now that’s annoying me, cause i changed, i know that dreams are impossible now, and well, im learning how to code, but im stuck here talking about all the things of MG, im a entire mess on this forum, anddd yeah, im maybe quitting messengergeek, if i do, i just want to say something, thanks, thanks for the 2 years i’ve been there, thanks for the support, thanks for the help, just thanks.

I also have so many memories of this forum, that kinda makes me sad rn, no im not crying but yk it makes me a bit sad.

/vriska voice. don’t let your dreams be dreams. MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!
yesterday you said next year, SO JUST DO IT!

We gonna miss you dude, and don’t give up of your dreams :wink: