I'm hosting a BBS!


This is NOT 24/7
If you get any problems, tell me and I will try to fix it

if you want to connect, open your cmd or terminal or whatever and type in "telnet" or "telnet eper98.mooo.com"

for now, you can only connect using telnet

that’s it, have fun


running out of nodes


what is this, just wondering


A BBS is basically the internet before the internet. You could transfer files, chat with people and do other stuff.





i have a dns now




What port is it supposed to connect with. Mine is 23 and it isn’t working


I created an account on your website. an email should have sent with a password for my account. strangely it didn’t come in xD (i even checked the spam folder)


Where is the website?


its 23
However, i see you wrote this 7 hours ago when my pc was turned off

#12 or eper98.mooo.com

(and here is a custom site i made cuz why not http://geocities.ws/eper98/eperbbs/index.html)


when is it usually up?


When you can… Can you write me how you created it pls? :slight_smile: Or something like a tutorial


it is usually up during the day GMT+2, but this also depends on stuff happening in my life