I'm going to make an ICQ server!

So are you writing it from scratch or what?

kinda unpredictable whether or not escargot can support a protocol

I think it’s amazing

i already made an icq groupware server but ok

Where is it? Do you have a web site or anything?





i found there is two android IM app which can customize server address for ICQ
but they’re both using MD5 authentication, which iserverd might not be support
eventually, iserverd_unstable_r21 might be support, I tried to figure out as well)
also trying to build IMgateway server with old openfire server with plugin support, see if it has better support for ICQ old protocol

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The servers are still up, there is no point to create a server for Android IM apps, the server was supossed to be made was for old clients compatibility.

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did you make the server in the photo with old icq?

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thats true, but i was worried about the mobility, coz some people du=ont have time sit in front of the computer for chatting, or prefer chatting by mobile

yup, made with iserverd2.5 latest build, will upgrade to latest unstable version for testing bypss ssl issue

how am i supposed to make an icq server in iserverd if i dont have linux

vmware workstation can help, but i dun think it can install under latest linux
i m using redhat9 (not RHEL)
or using icq groupware , but this server has compatibility issue with 98a - 2003b, protocol issue
if you need image for vmware image for icq, dont hesitate to message me :),

it can

Red Hat 9 is way too old unless you are using old software.

So what are you guys working on? Having a dozen ICQ servers that work half-ass that nobody uses?

Well, at least you can say you have an ICQ service. :roll_eyes:


I thought you made one

I’m still working on it, the point is it will be complete. The issue I have is this desire to have a lot of totally barely functional servers for no reason, and I don’t buy the “just to mess around with” if they aren’t a programmer, what’s there to mess with? Connect, disconnect, no one to speak to, done?


which version are you using? coz most library not compatiable when im using centos 6+ or rhel6+

ok but i might use bsd for it (iserverd)