I'm creating an Escargot Spaces theme

i made this layout its not perfect , ill do changes later


Nice! Reminds me of that one Windows XP theme… I don’t remember its name

Royale Media Center Edition?

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Reminds me of Windows Live Wave 2

Looks nice!

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thats what i was gonna do, but i realized how hard it was gonna be

i made the old MSN Messenger header, it’s on mine and Deathlife’s emoticon list, looks good, also made a kind of off WLM theme on the WLM Page, be warned, the CSS used is not WordPress Compatible, as it has styling infomation that should only work on the site it was designed for, i may make a minimal version for WordPress soon, this minimal version is not ready, i don’t know how to make a WP Theme, i think it would just be CSS and some images or something, i’ll try in my free time.

(i should start working on WLM Emoticons Page 2)

That’s looking pretty good. If someone could make that into a WordPress theme it’d be great for Spaces. A whole lot better than the one I tried to make.

:open_mouth: Plz try making one