If you watched my video on wlm 2009, check this

if you want a tl;dr: a video will be made on how to create a wlm 2009 server yourself, so please subscribe if you want that (yes i know it’s asking for subs but my channel is shit so please give me this one chance)

most people on my channel usually visit for the wlm 2009 video that i made, demonstrating the amount of development that has been added so far by creating my own server from source and using most of the features that work as of september. i’ve noticed development on wlm 2009 after august has been very slow, and i decided to create a video giving a simple tutorial on how to create your own wlm 2009 server.

i’ll make it before 2019. just hold on. please.

in the meantime, i would appreciate any support by subscribing. it may be tacky, but my channel is doing horribly and i could really use some help lifting myself off the ground.

feel free to critisize me for sub begging.

thank you if you really care.


you used GitHub of escargot?

venga vamos !
a por la versión 2009

saca ya el servidor

whelp, could’ve been worse. I might sub when i get my main gmail account back, don’t want to use my school’s Google account.

llevo mas de un años esperando ese servidor para WLM 2009. Todo podria ser peor tiene usted razon. Yo no se como se cambian los servidores