ICQ MegaThread


Give out your ICQ UIN and let’s talk!

Mine is 728541185



Haven’t waited a day yet, just signed up :stuck_out_tongue:


come online on web ICQ then


haha well um
i don’t know my password?


use ur phone number to sign in (yes its stupid)


add me anyway if you are online on ICQ: 740899104

Im on ICQ( YEAH)



740 990 770 is my ICQ number thingy. Add me if you feel like it. I’ve never actually used it before, hopefully it’s actually a decent messaging platform. For some reason I cannot figure out how to change my status message on the ICQ web client.


it’s because you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ll be using either 2001b or 2002a in the meanwhile. 2003b is too prone to freezing every time it loads a banner ad in a chat window, and 6.x+ sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Add me! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would but the fact that this uin I use already from 14 years ago. It’s my original uin and is used as only personal communication. If you all want my uin I can register again and use the new uin instead. (no icq uin authorization spam).


for users of versions that have packages support (such as 6.5)
Install the 5.0 emoticons?: icq:install_package?package_id=emoticons50
5.1 incase it works: icq:install_package?package_id=emoticons51
install something from the ICQ FTP (skins)


I added you all, here’s my UIN: 741047266


You can’t change your status message? That’s too bad. I thought I saw some of my contacts there have messages beside their profiles that weren’t the same as their “About Me” messages.


ICQ Desktop only.


2nd account ICQ: 366 129 143


On Russian web sites sell icq accounts, and if you have minimum 1 rubley (рубль) you can buy icq account do not wait a day to change the password


That doesn’t look like a very profitable business.


And a very sketchy one at that. :stuck_out_tongue: