ICQ 7.8 Settings

Hi guys…I don’t know how to set up to connect online?


or ICQ 7.8 not supported? Thank you

What ICQ Revival are you using to try to connect?

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Probably KICQ, I think?

Is this right or wrong?

ICQ 7.8

Does it support ICQ 7.8 or only up to 6 ICQ? thank you

For me kicq highest version is 6

the image who wants to change the settings but dosent know:

the image who wants to insert the KICQ servers:

he is possibly using “ye olde ICQ”

Thanks…I wanted to run ICQ 7.8 and I guess the settings don’t work huh? Someone wrote to me that it only supports up to ICQ 6…It is true? Has anyone tried running ICQ 7.8?

ICQ 7.8 download

yes. KICQ supports 99 to 6. but not only version 6. i managed to run 6.5 in KICQ servers so its supported
not only it supports the windows version
it can work with QIP 2005. icq 3.2/4 for mac OS (i found it), and more
for some reason. someone tried kicq servers in ICQ 7. but it most likely unsupported at this time.

Thank you for the information…ICQ 5.1 + 7.8 my favorite…I am sad that ICQ 7.8 is not supported :-/

Also too bad you can’t play RPS online or Sheep war

It can be played online

Slide a Lama

too bad. KICQ dosent have a patch of games since it only has theese features:

  • contact list
  • chat
  • file transfer (it can work. but you need to use it in the same ICQ version)
  • versions from 99 to 6.5
  • ICQ plus support (icq plus can be similar to messenger plus! it only works probably from 99 to 2002)

We’ll file transfer DOES WORK but they need to be on the same ver