ICQ 2001b Emoticons

Here is how the emoticon list looks like but with the shortcuts as seen on ICQ 2001b:
1 Smiling :slight_smile:
2 Frowning :frowning:
3 Winking :wink:
4 Tongue Out :stuck_out_tongue:
5 Being Shocked :open_mouth:
6 Kissing :-ย{}
7 Yelling :-@
8 Smiley with Sunglasses :sunglasses:
9 Money Mouth :expressionless:
10 Foot in Mouth :*)
11 Embarrased :-<
12 Angel O-)
13 Being Confused :-/
14 Crying :โ€™-(
15 Lips are Sealed :-X
16 Laughing :smiley:

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โ€ฆ this look like AIM emoticons

They ARE the AIM emoticons. :stuck_out_tongue:

so why he sayed that is ICQ emoticons ? :stuck_out_tongue: its the same ?

Theyโ€™re technically in ICQ 2001b, so I guess he thought there would be no harm in labeling them as ICQ emoticons.

(Also AOL owned Mirabilis at the time)

oh ok so