I wonder what am i even doing

so, i’ve been exporting wlm site html files cause im very normal and importing them into neocities, now, you can see the site is far from complete, but there are yes buttons leading to WLM 8.5 Escargot patched downloads

now, i dont know whats leading to the banner not redering or the buttons.

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Well maybe change the location of those files not c:\fdggdg\fdggdg but may be something :stuck_out_tongue:

In /Windows Live Messenger - Overview_arquivos/common.css, you haven’t catered to the abundance of images still referencing to the Wayback Machine, which use relative references rather than absolute references (/web/* rather than https://web.archive.org/web/*), and assuming you haven’t downloaded them yet, you have to manually paste the URLs in and retrieve them one by one.

That should explain everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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