I want to work on a Y!MSG revival thingy project. A handy name?

I need help with a name because I’m not good at naming stuff…

Y! MESSENGER COMEBACK :stuck_out_tongue:

ehm what is this

The new Discourse update was just added in MessengerGeek recently.

Hmm another Yahoo! Messenger server? Might follow this project. Hoping it isn’t too shabby or underdeveloped.

Anyway how about YahVitalized? At this point I’m sick of seeing all those “Yah-X” names being used in every third-party Yahoo! Messenger-based product, but it sounds kinda cool. Also RedY! could be an option. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d actually like a team to help me out since i don’t want regular Y!MSG 5 or 6. I want to try 11
It’s hard as trying to get Escargot to work with WLM 2012
But i loved Y!MSG 11 so that’s why i want it back :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Made a server for it

i joined the discord. i’m oliver owl btw