I Want the use Two accounts, MSN Messenger 6.2

Help me Thanks:blush:

There’s a program named MSN Polygamy that modifies versions of MSN so that they open multiple instances of themselves. I don’t remember if the original publusher still offers the software, but hopefully it’s still available elsewhere.

I get error

what error?

With acess denied after when click button “Patch!”



open polygamy with administrator acess

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i wanted to say the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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wait a minute
yep the photo is fake

oh, you made me notice, the difference in quality in the title and the text on the window itself

yeah i noticed that too


My same exact thoughts

Let’s not dive this topic into memes :stuck_out_tongue:

as a polyamoric person I love the name of this (except it looks a little narcissitic) :DDD

what… you don’t like my memey image? also isn’t this post kinda dead since it’s a fake image?