I want know your favorite version msn share :)

Hello everybody!
i want know your version you like more with msn!

for me 7.5 and 2009
because i find desing 7.5 is better with xp and more nostalgic with.

you? why?


Why are you creating so many topics? are you trying to get regular or something?

6.2 7.5 2009 2011 2012

because i need help for software
andnow for know your msn because is curious

so old ! :open_mouth:

2009 and 2012.

7.5 for nostalgic reasons

me too
but 8.1 or 8.5 not nostalgic too ?

i have used all version in my chilhood

7.5 and 2012/2011

cool good choice 7.5 ^^

Well, It’s between 8.5 and WLM '09. But i prefer the PFP of the WLM '09 beta, so i’m not sure what to pink.

yes it is, but 7.5 is the most nostalgic for me, I think I used it more than the others.

for me more nostalgic is all 7x and 8.1

but desing 7.5 is nice too

yup. the best

lol i got you

I use WLM 8.5 cus it’s the newest.
I like how I can make my chat window go yellow and it’s easy to find plugins

7.0, 2009 and 2012 are my favourite versions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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8.5, 4.7, 7.5 WLM ‘12 and WLM’ 11. Reasons:
4.7: It is on my good old HP Pavillion DV6000.
8.5: It’s the latest version that is supported on Escargot.
7.5: Newer supporting Windows XP.
2012: It is the latest and last version of WLM.
2011: It is on my local library’s computer, because of Windows Essentials 2011.

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thanks for bumping, but i once again like 6.2 7.5 8.1 2009 and 2012

WLM 14 (2009) I started in msn with this version :stuck_out_tongue: