I tried to make an antivirus with visual basic 6.0

Antivirus alpha.zip (3.0 KB)
Well its not working,but you can atleast to see what i did so far :stuck_out_tongue:

First the crappy webpages, and now a program? Don’t you think you are forcing it a bit?


bet he will cancel it very very soon?



Dont makebe me. Angry you crappy. Sayer

These days for an antivirus to work well should have constant database updates (or work in the cloud), machine learning, big data, among other factors. You will not be able to keep it unless it works from VirusTotal or something like that.


I already found such a clever man, and yes, he is from Russia, his name is Ilya Kuranin and he has many stories about his antivirus on antivirus forums.

I’m sorry, but reality is reality.