I think this is good


I love me some broken archives of an old website that were stuffed in a single HTML file stored on Neocities. :stuck_out_tongue:

You just stole this from the Wayback Machine and called it yours. :cat2:

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Omg i hate when people dont know what i did this a working website of msn messenger.So then escargot stole the butterfly so everybody can do.I’m not stealing i’m making it back.

‘‘©2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.’’ L O L


That was just a modified MSN logo we used to add that MSN touch to the site. @valtron doesn’t even claim the butterfly to be his own property. Heck, my canned Escargot Spaces theme at least tried to be derivative.

This is literally ripping whole pages unmodified from another website and calling it yours. And don’t think I can’t see your forged “This is not official”. Not gonna help, especially with the intact Microsoft copyright.