I think that this is my last day with you

Hi members of Messenger geek today I have the last talk about the project I had started a month ago but the result made me very sad try I’ve contacted an admin (TReKiE), but he doesn’t answer me. I don’t know why, but this has shattered me. I hated this project for that reason. All I asked to do was change a MSN Server to escargot server to could develop a msn butterfly, but But he didn’t answer me !

I’m not working on this project to win money or fame. I’m doing this project. Love MSN
Please, if there’s someone in the server, I want him to help me.

Project photos below you can open them in a new window so that you can see the picture .

if I don’t get help next week, I’m going to stop the project !

I know it’s missing a lot.

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Listen, i will try to ask trekie ok? Just, can i test the program?

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yes you can Call me tomorrow to send it to you.

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This goes against my better judgement as I try to avoid unnecessary drama, but as you have already made this into a public spectacle, I guess there’s nothing to lose by being transparent.

Before any of these multitude of public threads began, you added and repetitively called me on Skype at all hours of the day, even after I calmly informed you that you were calling my mobile. Although I recognize it’s probably not intentional, I view that as a limited form of harassment and I don’t’ respond to that. I don’t take random calls, especially during the work day or while I’m having dinner with my family.

This forum is full of talented and creative people all willing to be of assistance with their skill set, no Skype harassment required. If you need something modified, make a thread indicating what it is and it can be discussed and done. If we’re still talking about MSNPSharp though, I think we already covered that already.

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All you’ve got to do is change the server. Nothing else in general I don’t understand your full talk, but your response is a pleasure. Do you know someone who can help me with msnsharp instead of you?

forcing to get attention by contacting them too many times (this may be classed as SPAM.) is not a good way to try to talk to someone. therefore, knowing anything like this, this thread will prob’ get closed soon.

With you absolutely right but I’m coming on two weeks of work and exams I have wanted to finish the Msnsharp project quickly
I want to apologise to TReKie

i’m soooooooooooo sorry
I have a question
Are you still working on programming?
i’m sorry my freind

Yes I just finished the final part of a project today (not Messenger related).

It’s all good :slight_smile:

You’re underestimating the effort needed to do what you’re asking. lol

I’m sorry to ask THAT LATE, but can I test ? I really want to test it !

Please ?

can i test too. it looks really cool

like i said we firstly should update the server to msnp21 after that i can update msn butterfly to this form

oh ok

You guys know it’s a nercobump? Roussafi’s Messenger never passed the coding stage.

yet another bump

It’s useless. It’s a project that was never completed.

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