I think I want to try remaking msn messenger

I’m heavily considering remaking msn messenger in my spare time. To work on all devices, and not just for the nostalgia, as something we can really use again.

The biggest thing that limits me is the icons.
I like the 6.0-7.5 icons best: https://shaunkitchener.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/msn1.png

The reason I need the icons to be SVG is because monitors and phones come in all different scalings now, and svg’s are the only graphics that scale to any resolution. I can’t just use the original (too small), and I’m hesitant to use high resolution PNG.

I would design it very very faithfully. It will be a rebirth, back to the glory, and continued development into the future.

  1. Should I pursue this? My brain nags me all the time, it isn’t just nostalgia, it really WAS wonderful.

  2. Can anyone help trying to recreate the icons as accurately as possible as scale-vector graphic files? Accuracy is really important, we need recreation.
    I’m still unsure how to do the twirling messenger-guys sign in part though. Without icons that look the same, we will lose out on a good feeling.

I want to gauge what kind of support there is for this.


i can help you do that

if you know what you’re doing and know how things work (unlike the various messenger projects that went absolutely nowhere), then the effort is appreciated.


bonjour, et bien moi je ne peux pas vous fournir les icones comme vous le demander car je ne suis pas un progamateur, mes parcontre je vous soutien morallement, car si vous arriver a refaire un Messenger, je serais un des premier a en proffité.

Vous n’avez pas besoin de cogner un fil en disant que vous ne pouvez pas contribuer.

Oh man a mobile version of wlm 2009 would be dream come true, if it ever does