I start to reviving Windows Live Gallery

I start to reviving Windows Live Gallery.
I registered my domain for the first time in my life
I fix all links to microsoft web sites for example Spaces link it’s link to Escargot Spaces. Now work’s only sidebar gadget tab and only one gadget, but this is a big leap in my work!
I will upgrade this servis all time!!!
I hope you will like it!



Nice keep working its goood :slight_smile:

I like it so far, it seems stable enough, but it looks like it will need a lot of re-coding for a lot of objects, and perhaps a new feature to let the community fill in all the placeholders, other than that its fine at the moment. will be interesting to see how it changes…if not abandoned.

Good job but windows live gallery works excellent with msn 14(its not available yet)but ok good luck :slight_smile:

As much as I like the site:

(This is the whole HTML for the Windows Live drop-down menu, which is still up on your site)

(What even is this for?)

Yeah, you gotta pay attention to the links that still link to the Wayback Machine. Especially since the Wayback Machine likes to randomly shut down, rendering your site to garbage sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, good luck!

That’s some long-ass code! :flushed:

If it weren’t for the large CSS file containing most of the image references, then you wouldn’t be scrolling your mouse wheel by now.

Also that took me a long time to assemble. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i’m using wayback machine, but web archive don’t shut down my site brcouse all rights of this site belong to microsoft and i know some sites who usibg web archive long years and some of them are mine Is not this the best proof?

yeah my english so bad but i think you understant me

this is temporary links to not maded pages

Not that. I may have misplaced that caption.

This is what I was talking about:

What I meant by the Wayback Machine “shutting down” is when they like to go in quiet mode, rendering any archived pages and elements on it useless. Since your site still references these assets from there, if Wayback Machine were to go in quiet mode for a few days, those assets are nothing for that period of time, and your site won’t be able to render properly.

in any case, you’re right. I need to make my own website. I will do this in the future

…That’s not what I meant.

A more simpler solution would be to download the assets you didn’t get to, and make sure the CSS and whatnot reference the local copies instead of the Wayback ones.

Also there’s still the mistyped links. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for noticing this and giving advice. It’s important for me

Well I guess all that time I took compiling screenshots really did pay off. :slight_smile:

another case of ripping?

“What a ripoff!”

Hey whats wrong man atleast he do something not like you just being lazy and saying that its a ripoff not cool :expressionless:

You didn’t get the reference.