I re-made a MSGPLUS website (with CSS) (Not originally by me)

A screenshot :

The ZIP file :


Hope i did something good…
(I used WebArchive for some things…)

Good job :smiley: Congratulations !

Thanks !

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Now available online, sorry, it’s neocities…

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I think you meant you ripped a 2009 archive of msgpluslive.net, modified the news and extras section, and called it your own.

You could’ve steered clear from stealing @Patchou’s hard work and instead either make your own design or a replica of the msgpluslive.net site without completely plagiarizing things.

oops… huh… i can try making my own ?


Plan out one and design and create the thing with your own HTML and graphic design skills (or you could get someone to do the graphic design).

Okay… I’ll try…